How to Win the Italian SuperEna Lottery Game

SuperEna is a classic Italian lotto game. The game enables gamblers to bet on a number combination beginning from 6-90. Normally, it presents a super lottery, where the jackpot can even be as high as EUR 163,000,000, an increase from EUR 1,300,000, which is the first jackpot prize.

How to Win the Italian SuperEna Lottery Game

There is an excess of 90 numbers to choose from, raising the odds of becoming a lottery winner of SuperEnalotto. Similar to other lotto games, to increase your winning prospects of SuperEnalotto, some mathematical skill is needed. 

This 90 ball lottery game involves having six corresponding figures selected from every draw. Gamblers that are able to match each of the six figures win the jackpot.

Your Possibilities of Being a SuperEnalotto Winner

Since this involves a six numbers entry system, you can just adhere to a one combination until all possibilities are exhausted. You have generally, attained more possibilities of becoming a winner with 15 numbers entry systems, compared to the ones of 6 numbers.

SuperEna Price

Entry systems of 15 numbers are mainly costly. Fortunately, with SuperEna, you can bet for only one Euro if you are buying from any recognized ticketing agent in areas throughout Europe.

On average, there are minimal costs, when you remember the amount of money you can win, which might be Euro money running into millions for a jackpot win.

Betting on SuperEnalotto

In order to bet, it is possible for you to buy tickets from Italy or buy them online from a global lottery tickets shop such as If you do not live in Italy, you should give serious thought to buying a ticket from a site for global ticketing.

If you are an Italian resident in however, buying tickets for the game from among the certified ticket sellers in Italy would be more ideal. This is because participation fees for websites for global ticketing websites like these are normally higher, in contrast to the official ticket outlets.

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